Certification Report - Certification Information

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  • 07-Jul-2010
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NetIQ Access Governance Suite



Certification Report - Certification Information

This section provides information on the certification type, owner, creation date, due date, status, and the current phase of the certification. Continuous certifications do not display a due date because that information does not apply.

Worksheet View

The status bar reflects the percent of items in the certification that are in the complete state. The number to the right of the status bar shows the number of items completed compared to the total number in the certification.

Identity, Account Group, or Role List Views

The item is not complete until all access decisions are acted upon. For example, if an identity has multiple roles or additional entitlements, the identity is not considered complete in the certification until each role and additional entitlement is acted upon.

Current Phase

Shows the phase of the certification at this time and the date on which this phase ends. During the revocation phase, the current phase section also displays the Revocation Completion status bar.

Revocation Completion Status Bar

Reflects the percentage of revocation requests completed for this certification, and the number to the right of the bar shows the number completed compared to the total number requested. The revocation completion status is updated at an interval specified during the deployment of Access Governance Suite. By default this is performed daily. For continuous certifications, items are removed from the revocation completion status information when the revocation is complete. Click Details to see view detailed revocation information.

Continuous certifications provide a summary section that details the duration of each continuous certification stage, certified, certification required, and certification overdue.


The tags listed are any tags assigned to the certification when it was scheduled. Tags are used to classify certifications for searching and reporting purposes.The tags listed are any tags assigned to the certification when it was scheduled. Tags are used to classify certifications for searching and reporting purposes.

Subordinate Certifications

The Certification Information section also contains information on subordinate certifications that exist as part of this certification. Depending on how this certification was scheduled, you might not be able to sign off on a certification until all subordinate certifications are complete. Click on Certification to see the subordinate certifications associated with the one displayed. Click on a subordinate certification to display the Certification page. The information displayed is view only.

Completion Notice

For periodic, or non-continuous, certifications, when all items and subordinate certifications have been acted upon and are in a complete state, a completion notice is displayed in the Certification Information section. You must click Sign Off and verify the certification completion on the Sign Off on Certification dialog before a certification is recognized as complete by Access Governance Suite.

For continuous certifications you will never sign off on the certification. Changes to the certification and its status are monitored and reported using the Continuous Certification report.