Certification Report

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  • 07-Jul-2010
  • 19-Oct-2012


Certification Report

Use the Certification Report to work with and complete certification requests. The information displayed on this page is dependent on the certification type and the default settings of your implementation of Identity IQ.

The worksheet displays the individual line items that are assigned to the identities within identity-type certifications. Only top-level roles are displayed as line items. For example, if a role contains required or permitted roles, those role are certified as part of the top-level role in the same way that the entitlements that make up a role are certified with the role. Identity-type certifications are Manager, Application Owner, Advanced, Identity, and Role Membership certifications. Click on a line item to display the Certification Decisions tab for the identity with which the item is associated.

The list views display the top-level items that make up a certification; identities, account groups, or roles. Click on a top-level item to display the Certification Decision tab containing detailed information about that item.

The Certification Report page is comprised of the following sections:

  • Certification Information - displays the administrative and statistical information for the certification.
  • Filter - enables you to filter the information displayed on the page.
  • Certification list - displays the list of items that must be certified before this certification is complete. This list might contain entitlements, account groups, roles, or identities depending on the certification type and the default settings of Identity IQ.

  • The following sections are displayed by clicking on an item in the certification list.
    Note: The Certification Decisions tab displays slightly different information for each certification type.

  • Certification Decisions tab - enables you to view detailed information about the item selected from the certification list.
  • Recent Changes - (Not available on Account Group or Role Certifications) lists any modifications since the last certification was performed.
  • Employee Data - (Not available on Account Group or Role Certifications) lists detailed information about the identity.
  • Group Information - (Only available on Account Group Certifications) lists the attributes for the account group being certified and a full list of the permissions and entitlements associated with that account group on the application specified.
  • Risk Data - enables you to view detailed risk information for each category included in the certification.