Certification Decisions tab ” Additional Entitlements Table

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  • 07-Jul-2010
  • 01-Nov-2012


Access Governance


Additional Entitlements Table

Details of the columns in the Certification Decisions tab, Additional Entitlements table:

Certification Decision

Note: The decision buttons displayed are dependent on system settings configured during deployment of Access Governance Suite.

The action to take on the entitlements.

To edit or change a decision after a save has been performed, click the icon to the left of the decision buttons and select Edit or Undo Decision.

To add comments or view the history associated with a entitlement, click the icon to the left of the decision buttons. Type comments into the pop-up dialog and click Save or view the history information below the entitlement information. When comments are added to a certification item balloon icons are displayed in this column.

  • Approve - approve these entitlements on the specified application.
  • Approve Account - approve the entire account associated with this item, including all entitlements, on the associated application.
  • Revoke- launch a revocation request for this item or modify its associated permissions. Identity IQ must be configured to enable editing of permissions from this page.
  • Revoke Account - launches a revocation request for the entire account on the application associated with this item.
  • Allow Exception - approve the entitlements on the specified application for a specific period of time.
  • Delegate - delegate the certification of the entitlements on this application, for this identity, to someone else with certification authority.


The application with which the entitlements are associated.

Account Name

The account name with which this identity accesses the application associated with these entitlements.


The attribute on the application to which the entitlement applies.


A list of the entitlements this identity has on the specified application.

Due Date

This column is only displayed for continuous certifications. The current state of the item in the continuous certification life cycle (certified, certification required, or overdue). The date displayed is the date at which the item will move to the next state.