Can I Use the Access Governance Suite Console to Create Certification Schedules?

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  • 20-Apr-2011
  • 19-Oct-2012


After discovering the iiq console, you may be wondering "Can I use the iiq console to create a certification schedule?"

The answer is a definitive "no". Creating a Certification Schedule is not meant to be performed at the iiq console level. There are several reasons not to attempt this:

1) The console uses its own memory settings, set by default to 128 MB (the iiq script's JAVA_OPTS can change this -  but remember, for the amount of memory that you allocate to the console to increase its available memory, you must also remove memory from the application's JVM Heap) and the limited memory available is never enough to run a full certification schedule.
2) The console does not have the ability to schedule or script entire certification plans . It was never meant for that purpose and there is no functionality built into the console for this purpose.
3) The console is meant as an administrator, implementer or developer tool to perform certain tasks at the console level, not to be the Access Governance Suite application itself. It lacks the sophisticated logic and code required to perform complicated tasks such as running Certification Schedules.
4) You cannot import a CertificationDefinition through the console - it will not work. The reason is that this has to be created through the application itself and the console does not know how to handle this object as the CertificationDefinition would have to be created 'in-instance' in order to have value and since it cannot be done at the console - it is meaningless.

For all of those reasons mentioned above - this will not work. THe application is not command-line driven and the console is merely a tool to access certain parts of the application. Access Governance Suite is purpose built to build and run Certification Schedules through the GUI. Please use that instead as this is its purpose.