Assigning Multiple Owners to a Certification

  • 7011022
  • 15-Jul-2010
  • 19-Oct-2012


Identity IQ supports the assignment of multiple owners to Advanced, Role, Account Group, Identity, and Application Owner Certifications.

*You cannot assign multiple owners to Manager Certifications.

There are a few methods of doing this:

  • When scheduling an Identity Certification, you can add multiple owners to the owner field.  All listed owners will be able to work on the same certification.
  • A Sign Off Approver rule could also be used.  This rule gets executed when someone clicks the Sign Off button on the certification.  You can use this rule to forward the certification to as many people as desired. 
  • Workgroups behave like identities and can be used to assign multiple owners as well.
  • For Application Owner Certifications, multiple owners can be set on the Advanced Settings Panel.