After switching back from Remote Server Profile to Local Profile, the result is portlets do not display properly

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  • 22-Oct-2012
  • 22-Oct-2012


NetIQ Operations Center 5.0 Dashboard


Portlets have been configured for using a remote profile and work just fine. Now they switch back to using the local profile and portlets do not display properly.
Some common display problems:
1 - Display is empty
2 - Null error is displayed
3 - Message "Portlet is not configured properly.
Please contact your administrator to configure the portlet" is displayed
4 - "The portlet is missing key configuration information and cannot generate data. Please go to Preferences side configure
the portlet" is displayed
5 - Message "Unable to display data. Please, choose a valid element." is displayed


When switching profiles, since the portlet is using a unique element per profile they must set a new home element manually.