Agents login and automatically logged out

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  • 16-Oct-2012
  • 16-Oct-2012


Novell ZENworks Configuration Management 11


After reboot users login passively to ZENworks but the zenicon properties then shows no user is logged in.  This most commonly occurs using RDP if the user did not logout properly but can happen at other times.
From zmd-messages.log  Note that the session manager creates a second session that is not authenticated:
[ZenworksWindowsService] [75] [] [SessionManager] [] [Marking user session abc, as a console session.] [] []
[ZenworksWindowsService] [78] [] [SessionManager] [] [EnsureSession is creating a new session with primary SessionID: xyz] [] [] 
[ZenworksWindowsService] [78] [] [AssignmentManager] [] [Session is not Authenticated] [] []
[ZenworksWindowsService] [78] [] [AssignmentManager] [] [Error returned from Web Service] [] []
[ZenworksWindowsService] [78] [] [AssignmentManager] [] [Error code: 3, Zenworks user is not authenticated.] [] []


This is fixed in 11.1 and later.

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