Analyze.exe runs on/shortly after next user login after patch deployment

  • 7010929
  • 15-Oct-2012
  • 15-Oct-2012


Novell ZENworks Patch Management 11.2
Novell ZENworks Configuration Management 11.2


One or more patches got deployed through a patch bundle

The analyze.exe starts the patch scan after the patches device got restarted.


Working as designed


The patch scan process can not always collect complete information right after installing a patch got installed since some patches need a reboot to finish installing. When a patch requires a reboot, the patch scan process might be only able to detect the patch as correctly installed until after a reboot.

Additional Information

During a patch deployment, a file called %zenworks_home%\zpm\snoozeList.xml gets created, which contains an XML style tag called AnalyzeRequired set to True.

This causes the patch agent to start the analyze.exe process to scan for installed/applicable updates on next device startup. The flag gets only reset to False once the patch scan process has been completed.

In case it is necessary to avoid having the patch scan process running on next device startup, remove the above files.
ATTENTION! This will delay reporting of a good patch status until a new version of the Discover Applicable Update Bundle is available and is installed.