Updating multiple user's Department field in ConsoleOne does not get properly sync'd to the Address Book

  • 7010923
  • 12-Oct-2012
  • 12-Oct-2012


GroupWise 2012
GroupWise 8


  • Administrator updating multiple GroupWise users' Department field with ConsoleOne at once.
  • Changes made to multiple users with ConsoleOne are not showing up in the Address Book.
  • Changes made to multiple users with ConsoleOne show up on their eDirectory objects.
  • Changes made to a individual user's Department field  show up in the Address Book.


ConsoleOne won't be fixed.  See further down for additional information related to this.


For users that have been changed
  • From ConsoleOne, connect to the owning domain, highlight the PostOffice for the users that need to be fixed, right click the individual user, select GroupWise Utilities, click Synchronize, click Yes, and Ok.
  • Repeat for each user.

For future users that need to be updated

  • Perform updates on the fields, one user at a time.

Additional Information

This will not be fixed in ConsoleOne as ConsoleOne is being replaced with a new Administration tool in GroupWise Windermere.  Windermere is expected to ship sometime Q1 of 2013.

Please See Dean Lythgoe's blog for updates to GroupWise and the upcoming Windermere release at https://www.novell.com/communities/blogs/dlythgoe.