Defects fixed in the IDM 4.0.2 release

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  • 09-Oct-2012
  • 28-Nov-2012


Novell Identity Manager 4.0.2
Novell Identity Manager Roles Based Provisioning Module 4.0.2
Designer for Novell Identity Manager 4.0.2
Analyzer 4.0.2


Defects fixed in Novell Identity Manager 4.0.2 Engine and Drivers:
Defect ID Component Description
517433 Audit Integration There is no Platform Agent for 64bit IDM
735438 Audit Reports Enh: IDM's Event Auditing Service to be supported on RedHat Linux
682073 Builds RSA driver does not have a Windows installer
682074 Builds Blackboard driver does not have a Windows installer
741027 Builds IDM windows build process for Blackboard shim adds obfuscation, breaks RL and test utility
579389 Documentation URL in JDBC doc is no longer valid. located in section 13.5.5 Microsoft SQL Server 2000 Driver for JDBC
675252 Documentation Identity Manager requires documentation on explicit rights needed for Pub Password Synchronization.
695485 Documentation LDAP Docs: Old and outdated technology referenced
742224 Documentation IDM 361 install doc needs warning related to overwritting of nrfLocalized schema attributes
743207 Documentation Customer request to document all event viewer messages for password sync
744533 Documentation Novell supports RHEL 6 for IDM 4.0.1 patch
745823 Documentation JDBC Driver documentation - does not mention that there isn't a package for the driver
748282 Documentation Need support for Exchange 2010's inherent mail database load balancing
750067 Documentation adminp process on rename modifying the document on its own instead of via adminp
756046 Documentation Driver Health Configuration - Send Email action, multiple email adresses failure
758049 Documentation Incorrect Filename "", File is "" on IDM 401 dvd
763442 Documentation update list of IDM Errors & Warnings
765535 Documentation Notes driver doc should mention that we also support Notes 8.5.3
766015 Documentation EAS documentation : Suse type to be corrected
767007 Documentation Identity Manager active directory (MAD) shim cannot manipulate application partition objects, munges GUID byte order
744553 Driver - Packages Accounts status is not proper when deleted an user in Active Directory.
745882 Driver - Packages NOVLATRKBASE version 1.0.1 package has broken policy.
745882 Driver - Packages NOVLATRKBASE version 1.0.1 package has broken policy.
754772 Driver - Packages Designer base package updates break SSL between engine and RL due to bad XSLT
722701 Driver-Active Directory Need support for Exchange 2010's inherent mail database load balancing
722730 Driver-Active Directory Add native powershell environment to AD driver
733760 Driver-Active Directory Active directory driver errors out modifying lockoutTime in AD LDS
733874 Driver-Active Directory AD LDS driver Unable to do a Check Password Connection
680122 Driver-Active Directory - Config Specific invalid characters in CN cause Exchange 2007 / 2010 mailbox provisioning to fail when using "Use Policy"
748749 Driver-Active Directory - Config Add native powershell environment to AD driver
752639 Driver-Active Directory - Config Designer base package updates break SSL between engine and RL due to bad XSLT
757343 Driver-Active Directory - Config Granting/revoking/re-granting AD account entitlement leaves eDir user "login disabled"
757343 Driver-Active Directory - Config Granting/revoking/re-granting AD account entitlement leaves eDir user "login disabled"
740761 Driver-eDirectory Error -783 after starting driver on OES11
754587 Driver-eDirectory - Config The eDirectory package has an incorrect reference to a GCV
575118 Driver-Fanout asamcdrv segfault on delete in id-vault
742217 Driver-Fanout Silent install instructions do not explain how PROVISIONING statement works for multiple hosts
765865 Driver-GoogleApps IDM GoogleApps driver throws NullPointerException when sending zero-length NickNames attribute
590137 Driver-GroupWise When using Identity Manager GroupWise shim deleting nicknames fails
704518 Driver-GroupWise GroupWise driver shims fails to convert the component 50191 from string to integer
746293 Driver-JDBC - Config Performance issue Due to unwanted query in Account tracking
661312 Driver-Linux & Unix Identity Manager nx* RPM does not include 'Distribution' information or signature
743269 Driver-ManagedSystemGateway MSGW Driver does not handle when a driver is unavailable correctly
743272 Driver-ManagedSystemGateway - Config MSGW should not have a setting to query across driversets
674135 Driver-PeopleSoft 5 Add support for PeopleTools 8.5x
650976 Driver-PeopleSoft 5 - Config Peoplesoft Driver: Policies on Subscriber are looking for operation data that the Publisher is not creating
681992 Driver-SalesForce Salesforce driver shim does not support publisher heartbeat
681992 Driver-SalesForce Salesforce driver shim does not support publisher heartbeat
700352 Driver-SalesForce Salesforce Driver should not depend on Output Transformation stylesheets
700352 Driver-SalesForce Salesforce Driver should not depend on Output Transformation stylesheets
752300 Driver-SAP HR IDM 4.x SAP HR and SAP User driver docs left out section from 3.6.x driver docs
650003 Driver-SAP HR - Config Missing '~' using GCV in Policy pub-ets-EvaluateEventValidityPeriod (template SAP-HR-CMP-IDM3_6_V1.5.6_CE)
664517 Driver-SAP HR (JCo 3) Custom infotypes aren't read by SPA HR appshim
740275 Driver-SAP HR (JCo 3) IDM SAP HR shim causes crash due to incorrect attribute handling in iDOC
494339 Driver-SAP User ENH: Add support for SAP Message Server and Logon Group
615135 Driver-SAP User SAP patch sending 'E' instead of 'S' or 'W' causing our driver to fail.
663244 Driver-SAP User - Config DirXML-Accounts not being updating during match/merge
662059 Driver-SAP User (JCo 3) The secondary SAP Systems Users are still prompted to change their Passwords after eDir Password change
728187 Driver-Scripting Scripting driver - IDMGETQVAR fails to read the value from the query output
745223 Driver-Scripting Inconsitencies in the powershell IDM commands - Scripting driver
754820 Driver-Scripting IDM Scripting powershell driver retrieves only one of many attributes specifies in query
743267 Driver-Work Order - Config IDM WorkOrder config has invalid class in Subscriber Creation/Placement policysets
635258 Driver-z/OS (Top Secret, ACF2, RACF) Unaccurate messages on ECSA memory consumption by the RACF Event Subsystem
661313 Driver-z/OS (Top Secret, ACF2, RACF) Identity Manager RACF RPM does not include 'Distribution' information or signature
661314 Driver-z/OS (Top Secret, ACF2, RACF) Identity Manager TopSecret RPM does not include 'Distribution' information or signature
758557 Driver-z/OS (Top Secret, ACF2, RACF) RACF Driver is showing "status level=error" in trace after upgrade to 4.0.1 driver
712990 Engine-DirXML Script Identity Manager escapes special regular expression characters coming from local variables in conditionals
670663 Engine-Functionality Error LDAP_INVALID_CREDENTIALS on check password status
732509 Engine-Functionality Pole Emploi - critical problem in prod - one eDir servers goes into high utilization
688352 Engine-Other Multiple Identity Manager 4.0 SP1 packages own the same file, breaks verification.
720422 Engine-Other Identity Manager creates trace files with different, insecure permissions
735113 Engine-Other Identity Manager publisher thread stalls, does not shutdown properly until eDir is restarted
739916 Engine-Other Context buildup with misconfigured IDM Driver Health Job
743309 Engine-Other NDSD High Utill when selecting https connection protocol
686606 II - Configure Interop: NAM-IDP fails to create SAML Affilicate object in Vault, when IDM is configured as UserStore for NAM
737757 II - Configure Identity Manager Integrated Installer fails install into tree, missing IA_IDVAULT_EXISTING_IP_ADDRESS_VISIBLE
757449 II - Install Analyzer can't not start in SLED11 SP1
759135 II - Install IDM Integrated installer does not work on RHEL > 5.4
680699 Install - Driver Google Apps driver should not have it's own install
696199 Install - Driver PassSyncConfigR.dll and PassSyncConfig.cpl are in both the Windows\System32\ and the Windows\SysWOW64\ directories
699130 Install-Framework Identity Manager install incorrectly modifies pre_ndsd_start script
696508 Install-IDM Installer gets stuck when multiple instances of eDirectory are present
709606 Install-IDM Identity Manager installer in Japanese presents incorrect install option.
740740 Install-IDM Can not appear check box of "Customize the selected Components" on Japanese Windows
757717 Install-IDM IDM installer corrupts Japanese EULA during installation via console/command-line
648010 Plugins-Other eDir user plugin has typo in popup
745030 Plugins-Password Administration Error LDAP_INVALID_CREDENTIALS on check password status
504304 Remote Loader-Engine Tab character in -class or -module line of RL conf file is not recognized
687420 Remote Loader-Engine Identity Manager Remote Loader does not properly rotate large trace files
688953 Remote Loader-Engine Identity Manager Remote Loader configs only use 64-bit rdxml
694432 Remote Loader-Engine Identity Manager Remote Loader init script is not correct, throws error
706188 Remote Loader-Engine Identity Manager Remote Loader's init script does not recognize valid conf files with -cl instead of -class
711307 Remote Loader-Engine Identity Manager's Java Remote Loader script does not recognize valid JARs for classpath due to obfuscation
731840 Remote Loader-Engine SSL warnings in the remote loader trace during driver stop/restart of driver
744654 Remote Loader-Engine Remote Loader Startup (rdxml) on Linux
749306 RemoteLoader - .Net .NET RL cannot load any other driver other than sharepoint driver
698142 RMA - Resource Aware Unknown Entitlements aren't shown in RMA
752864 RMA - Resource Aware Unable to login to RMA when the password contains extended characters.
687414 Utilities Identity Manager's dxcmd does not retrieve job run time when connecting via LDAP
687418 Utilities Identity Manager's dxcmd does not return job's next run time in non-interactive mode
Defects fixed in Novell Identity Manager Roles Based Provisioning Module 4.0.2:
Defect ID Component Description
689320 Administration - Digital Signature Service Unable to submit workflow request after enabling digital signatures if the last field is invisible
713347 Administration - Portlet Admin Shouldn't be able to unregister a portlet if it's on a shared page
728644 Compliance - Attestation Framework Attestation worflows do not send out email at the Finish Activity
695199 Dashboard - Make Process Request When entering Proxy Mode in User App Proxy Tag Dissappears when making request
698907 Dashboard - Make Process Request Vertical & horizontal scroll bar's appear in work dashboad with IE8
710011 Dashboard - Manage Mode ENH: Improve role lookup while utilizing manage user
726608 Dashboard - Manage Mode ENH: Provide the ability to configure the Search and Display attributes for the Type Ahead
649697 Dashboard - Request Status Work Dashboard Request Status sorts Request Date column as a string and not a date
684495 Dashboard - Role Assignments ENH: A user can remove a role without the option to require approval
755170 Dashboard - Role Assignments Having a Role assigned via group membership that also has more than 500 Groups or Containers assigned causes issues
744342 Documentation RBPM 4.0.1 migration doc does not make clear that team definitions themselves need to be removed and re-created
747536 Documentation IDM4.0.1/UserApp unable to handle the new password policy from eDirectory 88 SP7
582920 Driver - Role and Resource Service Role and Resource driver shim changes the driver object password every minute
734482 Driver - Role and Resource Service Incorrect resource is removed when the Entitlement is dynamically bound
749209 Driver - Role and Resource Service Role Assignment takes a long time when there are a lot of users assigned to the role
757437 Driver - User Application UAD driver does not purge the DirXML-EntitlementResult attribute when using previous or notnewer
757524 Driver - User Application DirXML-EntitlementResult is not purged when the entitlement is of IDM4 format
578242 Framework - Digital Signature Support Workflow Submission fails as Cryptovision fails to verify the digital signature for the user
750336 Framework - Directory User Application is not functional if eDirectory Common Name (cn) is not mapped to LDAP cn in lowercase
735339 Framework - General srvprvUserPrefs attribute does not fully clean-up
730730 Framework - Localization (4.0.1) Null Locale error message in GwtServiceRouter for Norwegian
752360 Framework - Localization Adding UserAppStrings jar to the WAR causes problems when deployed to WebLogic
626313 Framework - Security Failover not implementing over Websphere Cluster Setup.
632860 Framework - Security Failover not implementing over Weblogic Cluster Setup.
692915 Framework - Security ENH: Utilize server side Validation instead of Client Side with UIQuery
714563 Framework - Workflow Engine Workflow error: Process instance not valid for current request action
733213 Framework - Workflow Engine ENH: Have the Role and Resource Request Activities support custom Entity Types
705407 Installation/Build When installing RBPM on websphere, antlr.jar is not deploy to the install directory
711494 Installation/Build SE UserApp install does not prompt for installing as a Cluster with JBoss
720748 Installation/Build JBossPostgre Installer writes / and leaves it indefinitely
751096 Installation/Build Roles Driver does not always overwrite jar files when upgrading
748934 Localization - Administration Tab ENH XLATE: - StaticList require manual selection if Required=TRUE value
740578 Localization - Work Dashboard Tab Email Activity and email template localized
429399 Password - Forgot Password ENH: ForgotPassword LDAP connections should be released when the Session Time-out occurs
751784 Password - Forgot Password JBoss is accumulating threads when challenge-response questions are not all answered
714225 Resources - Service Code Map refresh does not handle Logical System Name change in an SAP driver correctly
749567 Resources - UI Resources with parameters do not always behave equal
738154 Roles - UI 'Role Assignment Grace Period' needs aditional clarification
704796 Schema Identity Manager UserApp/RBPM schema defines two attributes with same OID
718944 UI - Forms ENH: Do not show search feature in MV Editor resultset when data is loaded via DAL Query
728435 UI - Forms ENH - StaticList require manual selection if Required=TRUE value
728637 UI - Forms Printing from an Attestation Approval form does not contain all of the information
728642 UI - Forms Information on Attestion Approval forms is cut-off
Defects fixed in Designer for Novell Identity Manager 4.0.2:
Defect ID Component Description
749096 Application Framework Switching between editors in Designer is slow
735895 Auto Updates Identity Manager Designer's auto-update AU2 failing with 'Duplicate conflicts' error
740508 Auto Updates Many issues on auto-updates
722042 Builds and Download Site whats new needs to be updated for 4.0.2
704279 Configuration Management Identity Manager Designer corrupts DN GCV values and prevents changing them back.
704776 Document Generator Identity Manager Designer leaks around 30 MB memory per document generation
750908 Documentation A few functions for the approval object are not (well) documented
712444 ECMAScript Editor expressions generated for password GCVs are not correct, also missing warning about missing "allow-fetch-named-passwords"
738349 Entitlements Entitlement policy modifications are not saved in Designer 4.0.1
709692 Help System Identity Manager's Designer has Mapping Table help page with broken links
654291 Import Importing thousands of roles is painful
658580 Import Designer 4 very slow with Live Import and Live Compare
716485 Job Scheduler Cannot update driver that contains a job. Error "A value for the display name is missing"
754605 Mapping Table Editor Mapping Table crashing on open/close
709579 Modeler Designer 4 hangs since deploying RBE
509253 Outline View When switching editors or projects, outline should not switch view
649479 Outline View IDM Designer's Outline view collapses on tab switch
641554 Package Manager Driver Import(from file) with Base Packages does not list the base package in Properties page
646555 Package Manager Designer 4 takes long time to import package catalog
698619 Package Manager After installing doberman on Designer 4.0.1 on SLES 11, package NOVLUABASE_1.0.5 is not listed in the import list
732567 Package Manager IDM Designer memory leak when working with package-based driver config
736317 Package Manager difficult to create a new version of the provisioning driver
736654 Package Manager Two custom packages not able to add to driverset
742830 Package Manager Packages should include build information to support proper versioning
743950 Package Manager Import of driver into driverset with multiple server looses driver parameters
745934 Package Manager Package Installation Wizard: Prompt for job scope fails with message "A value for the display name is missing"
746034 Package Manager Designer on Linux an Windows behave different in package updating
747999 Package Manager Package(common) misbehaving when it is linked with other package.
756778 Package Manager Package description change not persisted after creating new version of package
654824 Policy Builder Designer shows unavailable GCV on 3.6.1 DriverSet in policy builder
658561 Policy Builder Identity Manager Designer is very slow when expanding/collapsing policies.
678593 Policy Builder Designer Memory Leak: Policy Set View leaks memory
735958 Policy Builder IDM Designer warns about opening every package-based policy
751704 Policy Builder Need a action in DirXML-Script to add RBPM resources
748692 Project Checker An internal error occurred during: "Running the Project Checker".
750849 Project Checker Project checker takes over 1 hour to validate a specific workflow
727350 Project Model menu option: "snapshot to image file" creates image without connector lines
750850 Project Model Need help to identify issue with workspace
696363 Project View Null Pointer Exception when opening policy
733767 Properties View Opening Driver properties is very slow if many items are defined.
752442 Provisioning-PRD Integration Activity SOAPAction not being generated properly from WSDL
510905 Provisioning-Provisioning View E-Mail Notification View does not expose the TO_DN field
732568 Provisioning-Provisioning View Memory leak when working with provisioning
759847 Provisioning-Provisioning View After creating new PRD, no PRDs can be seen in Designer
241558 Provisioning-Request Definition Editor ENH: Email notification tab is missing the TO_DN, CC_DN, BC_DN system tokens
730500 Provisioning-Request Definition Editor large inline functions are impossible to edit
730502 Provisioning-Request Definition Editor global script edit control does not display scope of inline scripts
730505 Provisioning-Request Definition Editor global script edit control incorrectly has ecmascript icon for global script selection
749401 Provisioning-Request Definition Editor Selecting entitlement value does not copy values to data item maps
744932 Provisioning-Roles Editor Incorrect nrfChildRole entry is created by the Designer
751959 Provisioning-Roles Editor Designer role editor needs to be modified to expose Role revocation flag
557649 Role Based Entitlement Editor Role-Based Entitlement Policy Editor
Defects fixed in Analyzer 4.0.2:
Defect ID Component Description
672456 Flat File Import Analyzer crawls dring import after the 48.000 record mark
679053 Flat File Import Analyzer does not scale importing files with more than 50K
756348 Matching Matching fails when one of the matching key does not contain a value
529088 Matching Matching, no possibility anymore to add extra fields in matching results