MMC plugin does not work for inetOrgPerson

  • 7010894
  • 09-Oct-2012
  • 16-Apr-2015


NSL7.0.3 HF2.1
ActiveDirectory environment
SecureLogin installed on Windows server in AD mode


SecureLogin MMC snap-in does not work for inetOrgPerson.
MCC plugin works fine for users created as objectclass=User
SecureLogin page does not appear for users created as objectclass=user,inetOrgPerson.
SecureLogin tab does not show on inetOrgPerson objects in "Users and Computers"


Fixed with NSL 8.0 or newer.

Additional Information

Steps to duplicate:
1. In "Users and Computers" create a new object of type inetOrgPerson.
2. Go to properties of the new inetOrgPerson.  No SecureLogin tab will be present.

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