ACU.exe will not update Novell Client properties

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  • 04-Oct-2012
  • 04-Oct-2012


Novell Client 2 SP2 for Windows 7 (IR4)


Need to push changed settings of Novell Client to all workstations using ACU.
The settings specified in the NovellClientProperties.txt file will not be applied to the workstation if acu.exe is run from the command line with the /NCPF switch. However right clicking the Red N and clicking on "Update Novell Client" the settings are applied as expected.


Solution :-
Configure Update Agent in Novell Client Properties. Steps to configure Update Agent can be found in the link below :-
Workaround 1:- Right Click Red N and click on Update Novell Client.
Workaround 2:-
  1. Run regedit  and go to HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Novell\Client\Version\MinorVersion
  2. Change the value to a lower number than the value currently set
  3. Run ACU.exe /NCPF
 Note :- Workaround 2 will apply the settings and will also reinstall the client.