UNIX Connection errors due to host access control files

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  • 04-Oct-2012
  • 04-Oct-2012


  • NetIQ UNIX Agent 7.1


Some older UNIX systems employ host access control files. If you are using these files to firewall connections (ALL : ALL in /etc/hosts.deny) you will need to add entries to /etc/hosts.allow to enable UNIX Agent communications.


To limit Agent access to a certain machine, you can add the following to /etc/hosts.allow replacing <CC>, <MS>, <UNIXAgentManagerConsole> with the correct IP address:
  • nqmagt: <MS>
  • uagent: <UNIXAgentManagerConsole>
  • uvserv: <CC>
  • uagentd: <CC>
  • uvservd: <CC>
To make the process simpler, you could also add the following to /etc/hosts.allow to allow access to the NetIQ daemons by any IP address:
  • nqmagt: ALL
  • uagent: ALL
  • uvserv: ALL
  • uagentd: ALL
  • uvservd: ALL

After the changes above, you will need to restart the nqmdaemon, uagent, uvserv daemons on the UNIX machine for these settings to take effect.

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