Shared cluster volumes cannot be put on different datastores on target

  • 7010868
  • 03-Oct-2012
  • 23-Nov-2012


Clustered source workload being migrated with Platespin Migrate or protected with PlateSpin Forge or PlateSpin Protect.


Splitting clustered volumes on target disk or datastore returns an error "The source volume X: is a shared volume and cannot be re-ordered.". This error occurs when 2 or more volumes are a part of cluster and reside on same physical disk on source. While migrating/protecting these volumes, they are split on different datastores/virtual disks on target VM or physical disks on target physical.




Clustered volumes that exist on one disk must be migrated/protected to a single disk on target. This is a requirement of clustering. Implicitly, this means they must be migrated to the same datastore. It is not possible to keep the two volumes together in a cluster if they are on separate datastores.