CPU utilization is constantly high after loading an IDM driver or even adding a server to a driver set.

  • 7010861
  • 02-Oct-2012
  • 02-Oct-2012


NetIQ Identity Manager
NetIQ Identity Manager Roles Based Provisioning Module
Novell Identity Manager 4.0
Novell Identity Manager 3.6.1
Novell Identity Manager Roles Based Provisioning Module


Adding a server to a driver set or starting a driver on that server will cause NDSD to use a large amount of CPU and stay high.  If you add enough Drivers or even sometimes adding one will hang and core the system.  Looking at what NDSD is using shows that JAVA is using up all the CPU.  Only happens on Linux boxes.
Another symtom is that at a terminal, typing java -version will take a long time to return.
This can cause any app that uses JAVA to have problems.  User App and Roles Based Provisioning Module also may have problems.


This can be caused by the leap second problem on Linux machines.  You can fix this by applying the fixes and workarounds listed in KB 7010351.  The 3rd issue is normally the problem and doing the workaround (or applying a fix when it becomes available) will solve the problem.