iPrint Terminal Services tab missing

  • 7010831
  • 25-Sep-2012
  • 26-Sep-2012


Novell iPrint Client for Windows


When logged onto a Windows Terminal Services server with a user other than the original administrator user account, the Terminal Services tab is missing from the iPrint Client Settings list of available tabs.


Workaround 1: Log on as original administrator
Log onto the server as the original administrator user when choosing the configuration options available within the Terminal Services tab.
Workaround 2: Reinstall the iPrint Client
Reinstall the iPrint client while logged in as the user which you would like to have the option to manage the Terminal Services tab.  When performing a reinstall, do not first un-install the client.  Install a newer version or the same version over the existing version client. 
Future administration of the Terminal Services tab will require that same admin user to be logged onto the system, or yet another reinstall of the client as a different admin account on the system.


Reported to Engineering

Additional Information

The Terminal Services tab will not show when the iPrint client is installed to a non-Terminal Services server.  This condition is by design.  However, the scenario described in the Situation section of this TID is not by design and is being looked at by Novell. 

Configuring the options within the Terminal Services tab is not a frequent operation, so the workaround should be sufficient for most environments.