[9505] Your Postoffice is unavailable error upon login in WebAccess.

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  • 25-Sep-2012
  • 25-Sep-2012


Novell GroupWise 2012


After you try to login in WebAccess, you get following error:
"[9505]Your Postoffice is unavailable. The Post Office Agent might not be configured for SOAP. Please contact your system administrator."

The SOAP protocol settings on a PO is set into SSL Required.


When generating a set of CSR, a key and b64 files, you specified other than 1024 key length. This seems to cause a communication problems between WebAccess and the PO.


Steps to duplicate:
1. Use our shipped gwcsrgen windows based tool to create a private KEY and CSR files.

2. Specify in a "Key Length" drop-down menu the 4096 option.

3. Use iManager or C1 to issue a certificate - base 64 file.

4. Copy the b64 and key files in a PO directory structure.

5. Configure SSL settings on POA and set internal SOAP port to Require SSL settings.

6. Start web browser and login as any user from this PO. After you provide credentials you get the error.


Reported to Engineering