Failed to control device

  • 7010824
  • 24-Sep-2012
  • 24-Sep-2012


PlateSpin Migrate 9.2 or earlier


When attempting an X2P migration the job fails at the Creating and Partitioning Volumes step with the following error (only visible in the diagnostics):

System.Exception: Failed to control the device. ---> System.ComponentModel.Win32Exception: Incorrect function


In order to resolve this issue, ensure that the target is booting from BIOS, instead of UEFI.  Then, verify if the disks are flagged as GPT disks:

1. Run the following commands:

list disk

2. If any disks have an asterix under the GPT column, run the following:

select disk x (where x is the number of the disk flagged for GPT)

Note: cleaning a disk will eliminate all partitions.

It is not necessary to register the target again prior to retrying the migration, unless the target has been rebooted.

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