Wizard does not detect Web application login page

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  • 21-Sep-2012
  • 24-Sep-2012


NetIQ SecureLogin
Novell SecureLogin


SecureLogin Wizard cannot detect the login.
SecureLogin does not act upon login screen.
Login form is within an iframe and has a different URL than the parent page.


Create a new application definition for the URL of the iFrame page.
Find the iFrame URL within the HTML source page, and create a new application definition for that specific URL.  If it is not possible to go directly to the iFrame URL and use the Wizard, create an Advanced Web type script similar to the following:

GetText ?text
If "login" -in ?text     ---> substitute text found on the page for "login"
If "Password" -in ?text  ---> substitute text found on the page for "password"
Type $username #1
Type $password #2
Note 1: It is possible that the parent page will report that it has finished loading before the iFrame page is completely ready to receive input.  It may therefore be necessary to add a "Delay" command to the script before the "Type" commands.  Start with a ridiculously long delay like 10 seconds (Delay 10000) to see if it helps, and then reduce the delay to find an acceptable level that still works (e.g. "Delay 500" will result in a half second delay). 
Note 2:  Use a "MessageBox" command to discover what text is available for SecureLogin to use in identifying the login page.  Something like this:
GetText ?text
MessageBox ?text

Additional Information

To see the HTML source right click within the page and select "View Source" in IE9 or "View Page Source" in Firefox 12.
To create a script of the type "Advanced Web" do the following:
Open manage logins
Right click on "Applications"  and select new
Select New Application Definition
Select "Advanced Web" from the "Type" dropdown box
Enter the URL for the iFrame in the URL box without the http://  (e.g. mypage.com, not http://mypage.com)
Enter a description Click OK
Click on the definition tab and create your script