random XML parser error during install of Single Box Appliance

  • 7010803
  • 20-Sep-2012
  • 20-Sep-2012


NetIQ Access Manager 3.2
Access Manager Single Box Appliance install


Tried to install the Access Manager 3.2 Single Box Appliance using the given ISO. Initially tried it on an ESX 5.1 platform. At the very beginning of the install, before any user questions are even displayed, an error pops up with the following message:

 Error: The XML parser reported an error while parsing the autoyast profile .The error message is :ls a directory document is empty Start tag expected ,`<` not found.

Restarted the installation on the same box and the NAM install went though successfully without an error. Tried it again on a pure hardware server and also had the issue. A couple of  observations were made regarding the install:

- The ISO was mapped from a local drive when ever this issue occured
- In another instance whatever versions of the build was tried, all were failing on this particular machine. Issue was resolved by moving to a different machine
- checksum matched what appeared on download site
- mounted the CD on another system and inspected the ISO from the CD - confirmed that XML file was not corrupt 


Install the Access Manager Single Box Appliance from 3.2 IR1.