Custom Attributes are not visible within Analyzer

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  • 17-Sep-2012
  • 17-Sep-2012


NetIQ Analyzer


Some custom attribute is created. For example, a custom attribute called 'kpr-attr1' attribute.

Within Analyzer you can create a connection and import the correct data.

But when you want to create an Analysis profile and want to add one of those extended attributes
The attributes are not visible in the selection list. Only the default ldap attributes are shown.


Here is how you can get the custom attributes, in this example, a custom attribute called 'kpr-attr1' has been created

1. Create a Schema Map for the custom attribute.

   a. Open the Schema Map of the connection. Select User class and click on Add Identity Vault Attributes...

   b. Click on Add an Attribute and give a name and follow the screens with Next..., I've given the name as kpr-attr1-idv

   c. kpr-attr1-idv get's listed in the mapping list. Click on the drop down list on the Application side and select the attribute to be mapped. In this example I've a custom attribute in my eDir server called kpr-attr1.
2. Create the analysis profile.

    a. Now you should be able to select the attribute kpr-attr1-idv, which is the attribute mapped to the eDirectory attribute kpr-attr1

   b. Create a profile with one of the Metrics