Semi-automated server sync of Linux workload to a VM on Hyper-V host stuck at configuring target OS.

  • 7010748
  • 06-Sep-2012
  • 05-May-2016


Linux workload migrated via semi-automated method to VM on Hyper-V host


While doing semi-automated server sync of Linux workloads to VM on Hyper-V host, after booting target VM (fake physical)  with Linux Ramdisk ISO (bootofx2p.iso),  it is discovered with Zero MB disk.


1. After booting target VM with bootofx2p.iso, wait for the migrate server URL prompt. Then press 'Alt-F7' to enter Debug Console.

2. Run the following command to determine which devices are /, /boot and swap:

     fdisk -l

3. Using that information, mount the appropriate devices as under:

    mount /dev/%root device% /

    mount /dev/%boot device% /boot

4. Press 'Alt-F1' to switch back to the prompt and furnish with required details.


After booting target VM with Linux Ram Disk, newer ata_piix driver is removed and and older piix driver is loaded. This results in discovery of Target workload with Zero MB disk. This happens because info from following nodes will be missing:

  1. /proc/partitions

  2. /proc/scsi/scsi