eDirectory User Synchronization Does Not Attempt to Sync Some Users

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  • 06-Sep-2012
  • 06-Sep-2012


Novell GroupWise 8
Novell GroupWise 2012


Attempting to change user attributes using iManager or an unsnapped in version of ConsoleOne does not modify the user when the Edirectory User Synchronization process runs.  In fact, the user being modified is not even listed in the MTA log file as being a member of the PO.


What was found was that when looking at the PO attribute using an LDAP browser, those that did not show up in the list also did not show as a member of the PO. 
To correct this condition individually, the eDirectory Association can be removed and readded to the User.  This can be done by following these steps:
1.  In the eDirectory view, right click the user object and choose GroupWise Utilities | GW / eDirectory Association | Disassociate GroupWise Attributes
2.  Answer "Yes" to continue.
3.  Right Click the same user object and choose Groupwise Utilities | GW / eDirectory Association | Associate Objects and locate the GroupWise user that should be associated with the object and click "OK".
4.  Click "OK" again
After the process is complete, refresh the LDAP browser for the PO object and verify that the user has been added as a memeber.
If there are large amounts of members missing, the process of re-grafting in the users should assist in re-adding the users to the membership list.  To do this follow these steps.
1.  Highlight the container that holds the Post Office object in the eDirectory view.
2.  Right click the container and choose GroupWise Utilities | GW / eDirectory Associate | Graft GroupWise Objects
3.  Choose "User, resources, distribution lists, and libraries" and then select "Next"
4.  Select "Next" on the Overview page
5.  With the domain that owns the post office listed in the upper part of the screen highlight the post office with the missing users in the lower portion and choose "Next"
6.  Leave only "Users" checked and browse for the eDirectory container where the post office users are located and then choose "Next".
7.  Select the option for "No" on matching additional fields on the next dialog and choose "Next"
8.  A context will display for matching the eDirectory users with the GroupWise users.  If the context is accurate choose "Next".
9.  If there are any GroupWise users that do not have a matching eDirectory object, they will be displayed on the next screen.  You will be given options on how you want to treat them.  After making a selection choose "Next".
10.  A list of matched users will be shown on the next dialog.  If all appears correct choose "Next".
11.  A summary dialog will be shown.  If all appears correct choose "Finish"
After the process is complete, refresh the LDAP browser for the PO object and verify that all the users have been added as a memeber.


The cause is unknown at this time, although it may have to do with the snapins used to create the users were not up to date when adding the eDirectory users to a Post Office.

Additional Information

Because the way eDirectory Synchronization is done differently when the MTA is on a NetWare server, this TID only applies to agents on Linux and Windows platforms.