IDM does not auto load with error "Unable to find an active driver set"

  • 7010712
  • 30-Aug-2012
  • 03-Aug-2021


NetIQ Identity Manager 3.6.1
NetIQ Identity Manager 4.x


vrdim (IDM Engine) does not auto load when edirectory starts. Manually starting the drivers works fine.
NDSTrace has the following error

2780965792 DVRS: [2012/08/30 11:55:00.104] DirXML starting.
2780965792 DVRS: [2012/08/30 11:55:02.129] DirXML Init: unable to find an active driver set. Err: failed, no such value (-602)
2780965792 DVRS: [2012/08/30 11:55:02.129] DirXML shutting down.


Things to check :
 1. IDM is installed properly on the server
 2. Ensure server is added to the driverset's server list
 3. A r/w replica of the driverset is available on the server
 4. At least one of the drivers is enabled to autostart
 5. Latest IDM engine patches are applied
If all the above are verified and still IDM does not load then

  a. Make a backup of the current drivers in desginer.   A good way to do this is to import a new project from the Identity Vault.   Select the Driver Set during import.   Then it should have a complete copy of the Driver Set & Drivers from the Identity Vault server.
  b. Remove the server from the Driver Set's server list in iManager. Restart eDirectory
  c. Using Designer, add the server back to the Driver Set.   If there is another working server in the driver set, the best way is to select that server and use the migrate option to add the server to the Driver Set's server list and copy server specific data to the new server.   Select the option to keep both server's active.   If no other servers are available, add the server to the Driver Set in Designer.
  d. Redeploy the Driver Set and Drivers from Designer to make the changes active.