Error: RPM failed: installing package novell-iprint-client-6.4.20120809-3.1.noarch...

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  • 24-Aug-2012
  • 29-Aug-2014


Novell iPrint for Linux


The first cluster node to be updated completes without error.  However, subsequent cluster node iPrint updates results in the following error if the iPrint cluster resource is loaded to that node at the time of the upgrade:

Error: RPM failed: installing package novell-iprint-client-6.4.20120809-3.1.noarch needs 1 inodes on the /media/nss/IPRINT filesystem


This problem does not occur with RPM versions later than 2013.


The files intended to copy to the cluster volume hosting iPrint were already copied in a previous installation..  The situation has existed from the start of Linux iPrint on a cluster.  The difference here is that the novell-iprint-client-6.4.20120809-3.1.norach.rpm now reports an error which is alarming to administrators.  This message is the result of a bug, which is being investigated by Novell.  This bug results in no negative impact to the server or end user experience.


Reported to Engineering

Additional Information

The following scenario will result in the error message:
  1. Multi-node iPrint cluster. 
    • In this example, the iPrint cluster will have 3 nodes.
  2. The iPrint resource is hosted on Node1. 
    • The update is applied to Node1.
    • The installation proceeds without error.  As part of the update, the files intended to copy to the iPrint resource from the novell-iprint-client rpm were successfully copied.
  3. The iPrint resource is migrated to Node2.
    • The update is applied to Node2.
    • The administrator is presented with the error documented above.
    • The installation was actually successful as the files needed to be copied occurred previously when the update was applied to Node1.
  4. The same error will be presented when applying the update to Node3.


  • Note:  If the update is applied to a node which does not have the iPrint cluster volume loaded, the error message will not be presented.