Error getting pool information when expanding nss pools

  • 7010675
  • 23-Aug-2012
  • 23-Aug-2012


Attempting to expand nss pool with nssmu.
Pool can be local to one server, or a cluster resource, but must be activated on the server used for the expansion.
multipath alias names for disks are implemented, and use the same name of nss pools.


Pool expansion fails with Error 2 Error getting pool information.
Messages in evms debug logs (/var/log/evms-engine*.log) show alias names added as objects, and pool names being rejected because of duplicate object names.
evmsn and evmsgui show pool names as POOL1, POOL2, POOL3, etc.


Insure that multipath alias names, in /etc/multipath.conf, are unique and do not match nss pool names.


evms discovers multipath device names, and adds them to its tables, before it discovers nss pool names.  evms does not support duplicate object names, and reports errors in its debug logs if conflicts are found, and if /etc/evms.conf has debug turned on.  When nssmu requests that a pool be expanded, it makes a call to evms, using the pool name as one of the parameters.  If the device alias is using the pool name, it cannot get the pool information requested, and reports an error.