Can't download autosync package

  • 7010655
  • 21-Aug-2012
  • 28-Dec-2012


NetIQ Secure Configuration Manager 5.8.2
NetIQ Secure Configuration Manager 5.8.1
NetIQ Secure Configuration Manager 5.8


Error: Received fatal alert: certificate_expired in core log when trying to run Autosync.  Autosync just hangs and never completes.


Download and apply hotfix 7010655 from

This hotfix updates the certificate file that Secure Configuration Manager Core Services uses to authenticate the credentials of the console computer during communication.  You must install this hotfix on all console computers that you use to download content from the AutoSync server. If you do not apply this hotfix, the console cannot communicate properly with Core Services.


The certificate that is in \Program Files\NetIQ\Secure Configuration Manager\VSOC\vssca.pem has expired