How to Rename a Directory Services Tree

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  • 20-Aug-2012
  • 20-Aug-2012


Novell NetWare 5.1
Novell NetWare 4.12


How to Rename a Directory Services Tree.


NOTES:   There are a few things to consider when changing the tree name:
1. Before changing the name, make sure time is in sync on all servers, there are no errors in DSTRACE or when running a local repair, and DS is latest version and server has latest patches.
2. The change must be performed on the Master of the ROOT partition. This server will then send out the change to all of the rest of the servers in the tree.
3. Any workstations that have a preferred tree statement will need to updated.
4. Any backup servers that run a script to backup the tree may need to be changed.
5. Edit any Login Scripts that refer to the old tree name.
6. Printing will be effected by this change as the captures are done though Windows Add Printer Wizard.

Load DSMERGE on the server that holds the Master replica of ROOT partition. 

NOTE:  DSMERGE for eDirectory v85.xx will work on NDS 8 (which does not this option by itself).  Select the option to 'Rename this tree'.  Login into the tree using the full distinguished name of Admin, along with the password.  Enter in the new tree name.  Press F10 to perform the rename.

Upon exiting you may run the LIMBER process to expedite the tree's synchronization of the name change.  In order to start the limber process, type the following commands at the console prompt:
1.  Set DSTRACE=on
3.  Set DSTRACE=*L
4.  Set DSTRACE=*H
Toggle to the Directory Services screen to watch the Limber process occur.

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