How does GPA utilize ADMX template files?

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  • 16-Aug-2012
  • 20-Mar-2013


NetIQ Group Policy Administrator 6.2
NetIQ Group Policy Administrator 6.5
NetIQ Group Policy Administrator 6.6
Microsoft Active Directory


Group Policy Administrator (GPA) will use Microsoft Group Policy Object Editor (GPOE) to modify Administrative Template Files (ADM & ADMX). GPA can store the contents of the ADM / ADMX files in the GPA Repository. GPA will read the ADMX / ADM contents each time a checkout action or setting report action is run against a GPO in the repository.


The Add button on the GPA Repository ADMX tab will allow the GPA user to browse for specific ADMX files. Once the file is selected the contents of that file, and its associated ADML file are imported into the GPA Repository. The contents of these files are stored within tables inside the GPO Repository database.

When the option to sync from a central store is used, the same process will occur. GPA will look to the Domain Central Store for all ADMX & ADML files. The contents of those files will be copied into the GPA Repository.


When a GPO is checked out for editing or a GPO settings report is run; the contents of the ADMX files from the repository are loaded on the GPA Console machine. The first time a GPO containing the specific ADMX setting is edited, or a settings report is run; the content from the database is copied to the GPA Console’s local file system. The ADMX & ADML files are created in the following path:  \\<console_machine>\GPOsManagedByGPA$\<DomainName>\Policies\PolicyDefinitions. 

After the initial check out, or settings report run, GPA will compare the file time stamps in the database to those on the local Policy Definitions folder on the GPA Console file system.  If the time stamps match, the edit action, or settings report will continue to run. If the dates are different the files in the GPA Console file system will be overwritten with the content from the GPO Repository, before the GPO action continues.


When editing GPOs the ability exists to use pre-made template files, called ADMX files. These files contain various settings that can be imported into a GPO. The content of these files must be linked to the specific GPOs containing those files. GPA has the ability to either sync all files from a predefined Domain Central Store; or add specific ADMX files to each GPA Console.

Additional Information

For more details on Managing ADMX Files see the Group Policy Administrator User Guide, Chapter 5.