Inventoried ZDM devices get imaged by ZCM hardware rules

  • 7010619
  • 15-Aug-2012
  • 19-Sep-2012


Novell ZENworks Configuration Management 11.2 Imaging
Novell ZENworks Desktop Management 7.1 Management Agent


ZDM managed devices are equipped with ZCM inventory only agent

When such a device boots up into ZCM imaging and a matching hardware rule is found, the device gets imaged.

From prebootlookup.log file:
[7/16/12 2:00:50 PM] [PWLS.dP] Request received: GetPrebootPBIName
[7/16/12 2:00:50 PM] [PWLS.hGPPN] Confirming as Dummy Device
[7/16/12 2:00:50 PM] [gPPBI] Ignore Device Reconcile flag has been set to false in config.xml
[7/16/12 2:00:50 PM] [gPPBI] Ignore Device Reconcile flag in not set.Hence checking for Workstation object with matching MAC/Serial number
[7/16/12 2:00:50 PM] [gPPBI] Got Device UID based on MAC from Dummy Workstation: 34cb22119312c74ca4cc06c6550c7307
[7/16/12 2:00:50 PM] [I:gWTD]
[7/16/12 2:00:50 PM] [I:gWTD] workType: WORK_TYPE_APPLY_FROM_HARDWARE_RULES
[7/16/12 2:00:50 PM] [I:gWTDbH]
[7/16/12 2:00:50 PM] [I:gWTDbH] id: 34cb22119312c74ca4cc06c6550c7307
[7/16/12 2:00:50 PM] [I:gSWTD]
[7/16/12 2:00:50 PM] [I:gSWTD] Performing Rule Based Imaging for Normal Device with PublishedUID of Bundle:4705f7ff77b4da4beb8a017f4c9e98b9


A fix for this issue is intended to be included in a future update to the product: however, in the interim, Novell has made a Patch available for testing, as part of a Monthly patch update: it can be obtained at as "ZCM 11.2.1 Monthly Update 2 - see TID 7010729". This update should only be applied if the symptoms above are being experienced, and are causing problems.Please report any problems encountered when using this Patch, by using the feedback link on this TID.


The root cause for this issue is that inventory only devices are treated as dummy devices for imaging in this case.

Additional Information

With ZCM 11.2 support of dummy device was introduced into ZCM imaging. When a dummy device is prepared in the zone and the device (matching the details as configured in the dummy device) boots into ZCM imaging while it is not registered with the ZCM agent, by design the device gets imaged if a matching hardware imaging rule is found.

Registering the device with the ZCM agent turns the dummy device into a normal device object.

More information about the dummy device concept is available at Section 9.5, Reconciling Devices with Dummy Device Objects During Registration in online documentation.