Novell Client for Windows password change not synchronized to iPrint Client

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  • 02-Aug-2012
  • 21-Jan-2013


Novell iPrint Client for Windows


When an eDirectory user's password is changed, the iPrint Client for Windows caching of that password should be auto updated, but is not.  The end user is presented with a prompt from the iPrint client stating that the authentication failed and the user must enter their password. 

Ideally, the end user should not see any prompt from the iPrint client because the changed password entered into the Novell Client for Windows would auto pass through to the iPrint client.  In this ideal scenario, the iPrint client would pass the updated password to eDirectory for authentication.  This would be seamless to the end user.


Install the iPrint Client for Windows version 5.74 or later.

Additional Information

When a user logs in with the Novell Client for Windows and a secure enabled (SSL enabled) iPrint printer is installed to the workstation, the password is auto passed to the iPrint client as a convenience to the end user.  The iPrint client submits the password for authentication, but the end user sees no evidence of this.  This convenience allows for the end user to use the secure iPrint printer without receiving an additional credential prompt from the iPrint client.  This password is securely retained by the iPrint client, even after a workstation reboot.  When the eDirectory user's password is changed, the iPrint client (prior to version 5.74) did not update its retained password.  Therefore, when the workstation attempts to access the SSL enabled iPrint printer installed to the workstation, the old password is attempted for authentication and fails.   The iPrint client version 5.74 and later resolves this condition by receiving the changed password from the Novell Client for Windows.

The 5.74 iPrint client also resolves a problem (Bug 684506) where the credential sharing between the two clients doesn't happen if the iPrint client happens to be installed before the Novell Client for Windows.
Disable passwrd field:
Another reason credentials will not be shared between the Novell Client for Windows and the iPrint Client is if the password field is disabled.  Credential sharing is not supported in this configuration.
The following steps will disable the password field (and cause credential sharing to fail):
  1. Right-click the Novell Client "Red N" in the system tray
  2. Choose "Novell Client Properties..."
  3. Choose the "Location Profiles" tab
  4. Click the "Properties" button, click the "Properties" button
  5. Uncheck the "Enable password field"
  6. Click Ok as many times as needed.