Why is the "proxy user" field blank when installing NCS on OES2sp3?

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  • 24-Jul-2012
  • 24-Jul-2012


Novell Cluster Services
Novell Open Enterprise Server 2 (OES 2) Linux Support Pack 3


Server had many OES2sp3 components installed individually, and was rebooted after each component was installed & configured.  After installing NCS, while configuring NCS, it was observed that if the "use OES Common Proxy user" was selected, the user field would be blank (but the password field would be filled in).  Unchecking this box, allowed another user & context to be entered.

This did not occur if most of the previous components (to NCS) were installed & configured, and the host restarted before installing NCS.


Note: this matter has been reported to development and a code update is being tested.

In the mean time, a quick resolution is to insure the /etc/sysconfig/novell/oes-ldap file has the following 3 fields populated correctly:


the last 2 should be "yes" while the first should contain the proper OESCommonProxy user for the given server, *BEFORE* configuring NCS.  If you are in the midst of configuring NCS, you may be able to:
  • exist yast
  • update /etc/sysconfig/novell/oes-ldap to contain the proper information
  • restart yast and go to configure NCS


The NCS installation routine relies on 3 fields within the /etc/sysconfig/novell/oes-ldap file for the Common Proxy user to be configured for NCS.  These fields are:


Additional Information

It is assumed that LDAP, LUM and eDirectory will be installed at the same time.  On the matter above, the following was the installation order:
  1. autoyast build SLES10SP3 & base add-on of OES2SP3  (via autoyast script)
  2. register with SMT server & patch to current
  3. install LUM & configure LUM & LDAP
  4. Install eDir, NSS, and NCP
  5. Install 3rd party multi-pathing software
  6. Install NCS
Further, it is the eDirectory configuration routine that populates the CONFIG_LDAP_PROXY_CONTEXT field -- providing LDAP is also set to be configured (i.e. configuration is "enabled" at the same time eDirectory is enabled in OES Installation and Configuration). 

If LDAP is not set to be configured, then the eDirectory install/configuration routines honor that setting and do not modify any of the fields in oes-ldap.