How to I fix a UNIX system stuck in maintenance mode?

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  • 24-Jul-2012
  • 24-Jul-2012


  • AppManager for UNIX 6.5
  • AppManager for UNIX 7.0.1
  • NetIQ UNIX Agent 7.1
  • AppManager 7.0.x
  • AppManager 8.0.x


I have a UNIX system that has a cloud icon over it in the Operator Console or Control Center (identifying the UNIX system is in maintenance mode) and I cannot disable maintenance mode.


There are two methods to resolve this issue:

Delete the UNIX machine object, and re-add it.

This method will remove the UNIX machine object and is generally the most reliable way to solve this issue. You will need to redeploy your knowledge scripts on the machine however and will suffer an interruption in data streams for the system.
  1. Find the UNIX machine, right click -> Delete Object
  2. Open the Microsoft SQL management studio for the AppManager database
  3. Run the NetIQ Hourly QDB and NetIQ Daily QDB jobs. (under "SQL server Agent")
    (This ensures the old machine information is cleaned up)
  4. Re-add the UNIX systems hostname to the console 

Manually reset the object status in the database.

This method is not as reliable, however you have a good chance of preserving the running jobs and data streams. This process only works for UNIX systems as the Status number below has been crafted by technical support with UNIX machine objects in mind.
  1. In the operator console, click on the stuck machine, press <alt>+<f8>
  2. Record the objid number (objid=XXX) in the titlebar of the resulting window.
  3. Close all open operator consoles and control center windows
  4. Execute the following SQL query on your QDB through the MsSQL query analyzer (replacing 000000 with the objid from step 2)
     update object set Status = -1879048188 where objid = 000000;
  5. Run the NetIQ Minutely, NetIQ Hourly QDB and NetIQ Daily QDB jobs. (under "SQL server Agent")
  6. Re-open the operator console after a few moments and check the status of the object.


Given how the NetIQ UNIX Agent to Management Server communication process is designed, clicking the Maintenance Mode option for the UNIX machine multiple times can cause a UNIX Agent to become out of sync with the QDB database. Once a UNIX Agent is out of sync, manual intervention is required to bring the agent back into a functional state.

You can avoid this issue by ensuring you choose the Maintenance Mode option only once and waiting for the cloud icons to appear. Once the cloud icons appear over a UNIX machine (and it has been at least 30 seconds), feel free to select the Maintenance Mode option again to bring the selected UNIX system back out of maintenance mode.

Additional Information

Feel free to contact NetIQ technical support if you have additional questions.