Aegis Web Server Upgrade fails with connection error

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  • 20-Jul-2012
  • 20-Jul-2012


NetIQ Aegis 2.3


When upgrading Aegis 2.2 to Aegis 2.3, you may encounter an upgrade failure while updating the Web Server component.  The Appdata Install Log will include an error from the WixIQConnectBase function.  The error will indicate that the account in use is unable to authenticate with the IIS Server.

This issue may also affect clean, new installs of Aegis 2.3.


In order to get around this error and complete the upgrade of the Aegis Web Application component, you will need to temporarily alter the Default Website setting.  In IIS Manager, open the properties of the Default Websit and set the TCP Port to '80' and the IP Address to “(All Unassigned)”.

Once these configuration changes are completed, re-start IIS.  Once the re-start completes successfully, re-attempt the upgrade of the Aegis Web Application component.  The upgrade should complete successfully.  Once the upgrade completes successfully, you can alter the settings for the Default Website back to their previous settings, and once again re-start IIS.


The error will happen if the default location of the IIS metabase file has been changed. The installer looks for an existing DefaultWebSite running on TCP Port 80 and with ip address set to: 'All Unassigned'.  These settings are needed in IIS for the installer to be able to locate the DefaultWebSite correctly, and then install the Aegis Web Application inside of that.

Additional Information

If the above steps do not work, you may also need to remove any defined Custom HTTP Headers for the Default Website.  If removing those in addition to the steps above do not resolve this issue, please contact NetIQ Technical Support for assistance.