How to restore a missing Vivinet Assessor assessment

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  • 19-Jul-2012
  • 19-Jul-2012


NetIQ Vivinet Assessor 3.3


You have the MDF and LDF files for a NetIQ Vivinet Assessor assessment that you need to import into a new or existing NetIQ Vivinet Assessor installation.


The following steps assume that you have NetIQ Vivinet Assessor already installed and have access to an MDF and LDF file from an assessment.  If not please contact NetIQ Technical Support for further assistance.
If you have the MDF and LDF files you will need to reattach these database files to the SQL instance for NetIQ Vivinet Assessor.  The following steps outline reattaching the database files and updating the NetIQ Vivinet Assessor database to make the product aware of the reattached files.
  1. Install SQL Server Management Studio Express where NetIQ Vivinet Assessor is installed
    1. The installation files can be obtained from Microsoft at
  2. After installation run SQL Server Management Studio Express
  3. Connect to the locally installed VASSESSOR instance
    1. If the machine is named SERVERA then for "Server name" specify SERVERA\VASSESSOR
    2. For "Authentication" specify Windows Authentication
  4. Expand databases in the Object Explorer.  You should see System Databases, VivinetAssessor and databases for any valid assessments available in NetIQ Vivinet Assessor
  5. To reattach the missing assessment right click on Databases and select Attach
  6. On the right hand side click Add
  7. In the resulting dialog, browse to the location of your saved MDF and LDF files
  8. Select the MDF and click OK
  9. In the next dialog you should see specified database listed in the "Databases to attach" section.  When highlighted you will see prioerties in the database details section below.  Both Data and Log file types should be listed.  Note the Database Name and Current File Path
  10. Click OK to attach the database.  You should now see your attached database under Databases on the left side of the Window in the Object Explorer
  11. Click on the VivinetAssessor database in the Object Explorer then click New Query
  12. In the new Query window on the right input the following:
    1. INSERT INTO AssessmentList VALUES ('X','Y')
    2. Replace X with the Database Name that was reattached
    3. Replace Y with the Current File Path.  The path should NOT include the MDF or LDF file names, just the path that contains them.  Example:  C:\Program Files\Microsoft SQL Server\MSSQL.1\MSSQL\Data
    4. Example:  INSERT INTO AssessmentList VALUES ('CustomerA','C:\Program Files\Microsoft SQL Server\MSSQL.1\MSSQL\Data')
  13. Click Execute.  If Messages shows (1 row(s) affected) the insert was successful
  14. Launch Vivinet Assessor and you should be able to Open the restored or reattached assessment


Additional Information

If you had a backup of a database rather than the actual MDF and LDF files you simply need to restore the database using whatever method you would normally use then use the above instructions starting at step 11.  When doing so make sure you specify the correct path for the restored MDF and LDF files created as part of the database restore.