Can I run other connectors on top of existing Mobility pack Datasync server ?

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  • 18-Jul-2012
  • 10-Dec-2013


Novell Data Synchronizer Mobility Pack
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Novell Data Synchronizer Connector for Microsoft SharePoint
Novell Data Synchronizer Connector for Vibe


You have started with Datasync products and your first server runs the moment Mobility pack. Later there is a need to incorporate in this system any additional application connector.


The Mobility Pack is a special bundle that comes with a core syncengine and two connectors, GroupWise and mobility. This bundle was never tested with any other connector running on the same server. It is generally not recommended to try installing any other connector on the Mobility Pack server. You can get it running but you run into problems usually with the mobility connector that fails to sync events from other applications. Those combinations were never tested, nor intended to run on the same server, therefore this is not supported configuration.
If you wish to add in a sync process any additional connector, please, download Non-Mobility version of the Datasync server build. This include syncengine and GroupWise connector. Install this version on a separate SLES11 server and then a corresponding application connector RPM. It is also not recommended / tested to have two various connectors on such server like SugarCRM and Vibe connector.
So how to get these pieces all working together ? Here is a sample scenario:
1. Server 1 runs Mobility Pack.
2. Server 2 runs Datasync server (non-mobility version) with SugarCRM connector.
3. Server 3 runs Datasync server (non-mobility version) with Vibe connector.
Now a Vibe user creates in his Calendar a new appointment. This appointment is synced via Server 3 to his GroupWise mailbox - Calendar. Since this is a new appointment in GroupWise Calendar, Server 2 will sync it into SugarCRM system. In parallel, Server 1 will sync this appointment also via mobility connector on your mobile device.
In this example you can see, that a common part in this and other scenarios is a GroupWise mailbox. Each of the Datasync servers (mobility or non-mobility packs) do include a syncengine and GroupWise connector that send and receive events into GroupWise mailbox. Additional connectors then sync those events into other applications.