Library With Dashes in the Name are Converted to Commas with WebPublisher 8x ConsoleOne Snapins

  • 7010343
  • 29-Jun-2012
  • 02-Jul-2012


Novell GroupWise 8


When adding a library with a dash in its name to the list of libraries
monitored by WebPublisher, the dash [-] is converted to commas which prevents any
documents from being found when attempting to search that library from WebPublisher.
1.  Use ConsoleOne with the 8x snapins
2.  Create a library with a dash [-] in its name
3.  Open the Webaccess Agentobject and choose the Webpublisher tab
4.  Add the new library to the list of Webpublisher libraries.
5.  Save and exit the properties of the Webaccess agent.

If you return to the properties of the Webaccess agent and go to the
Webpublisher tab, the library name will show the dash replaced with commas.


This issue has been reported to development.  At this time, using ConsoleOne with 7x snapins does not have the same issue and can be used as a workaround.