Unable to sync Contacts from GroupWise to Device

  • 7010305
  • 14-Mar-2012
  • 24-Feb-2015


Novell Data Synchronizer Mobility Pack 1.2


Unable to sync contacts from GroupWise to Device
Contacts do not sync from GroupWise to Device, can't see a list of contacts on device
User's contacts are not syncing from GroupWise to their or other user's devices, though other users can sync contacts to the same devices.


  1. Remove user from Mobility
  2. Login to GroupWise Client and make sure that the Contacts folder is in the Root folder as following

  3. Restart the POA if possible or wait for an hour
  4. Restart DataSync by typing "rcdatasync restart" and press Enter
  5. Re-add the user to Mobility

If user continues to have problems with syncing contacts, go into the properties of that user in DataSync, and uncheck any PABs they may have and allow one address book to sync at a time.  Would also recommend running a GWCheck for that user and using the pabonly and pabfix options in separate passes of GWCheck to clear up any problems with the user's Personal Address Book.