Discovery enters Recoverable Error - Controller Connection Broken

  • 7010280
  • 08-Mar-2012
  • 27-Apr-2012


PlateSpin Migrate 9 +


When attempting to discover a source or target workload, the job enters a Recoverable Error state with a message saying the controller connection is broken.  The last known IP of the controller is the IP of the PlateSpin Migrate server.


1. Navigate to ..\PlateSpin Migrate Server\Controller\EventLog
2. Determine if the active.log and archive.log files both exist and are 0KB
3. If the files are 0KB, determine if the PlateSpin Operations Framework Controller service is running
4. Verify if the identity of the PlateSpin Operations Framework Controller service matches the identity of the PlateSpin Management service and the PlateSpinAppPool in IIS
5. Verify if the firewall is running and/or blocking communication. If so, disable/stop it and attempt to discover again.

6. If the controller is working correctly and communication is functioning as expected, open the ..\PlateSpin Migrate Server\bin\OFX.Browser.Exe
7. Click Go
8. Expand Controllers
9. Locate the entry that contains the name "Portability Suite Controller" in the brackets
10. Note if the entry says the controller is Stopped or Started and copy down the GUID
11. Open the following file:

C:\Documents and Settings\<User that installed Migrate>\Application Data\Migrate_ControllerInstall.log
C:\Users\<User that installed Migrate>\AppData\Roaming\Migrate_ControllerInstall.log

12. Verify if the value of the controllerid matches the GUID recorded in step 10. If so, contact support for further assistance. If not, the PlateSpin Migrate server needs to be re-installed.

If a re-installation is necessary and it will not result in an upgrade, follow the steps in TIDs 7009957 and 7970601 to properly backup data before re-installing and import data back into the database once installation is complete.