Designating a primary NIC when creating a network bond

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  • 05-Mar-2012
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How to designate a NIC to be primary when creating a bonded network
Primary NIC in bonded environment
Linux bond
Bonded network interface cards

When creating an active-failover bond, it is sometimes desired that one particular interface be designated as primary.


To accomplish this, complete the following steps:

1. From a terminal, execute the following command:
vi /etc/sysconfig/network/ifcfg-bondX

2. Modify the line that says:

BONDING_MODULE_OPS='mode=active-backup miimon=100'


BONDING_MODULE_OPS='mode=active-backup miimon=100 primary=ethX'

<where ethX is the interface you'd like to make primary>

3. Restart the network

rcnetwork restart

4. Verify the change took:

cat /proc/net/bonding/bondX

Additional Information

This option can also be set via YaST.  The same modification as described above can be made to the highlighted area.

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