"Failed to Wake up device: com.novell.zenworks.datamodel.exceptions.ObjectNotFoundException" when trying to remotely wake devices

  • 7010237
  • 29-Feb-2012
  • 30-Apr-2012


Novell ZENworks 11 Configuration Management Support Pack 1 - ZCM 11 SP1


After updating to ZENworks 11 SP1, when attempting to remotely wake up a device, either through a quick task or through a schedule in a bundle, the following error is seen:

ERROR (in ZENworks Configuration Center):

Failed to Wake up device: com.novell.zenworks.datamodel.exceptions.ObjectNotFoundException: <GUID>

ERROR (in zcc.log):

Failed to wake up devicecom.novell.zenworks.wol.WOLException: com.novell.zenworks.datamodel.exceptions.ObjectNotFoundException: <GUID>


Do the following on all ZENworks primary servers:
  1. Run 'novell-zenworks-configure -c Start' and choose the option to stop all services
  2. Navigate to the following directory:
    Windows servers:  %ZENWORKS_HOME%\share\tomcat\webapps\
    Linux servers:  /opt/novell/zenworks/share/tomcat/webapps/
  3. Once in that location, move all directories that begin with "zenworks-" to a backup directory (in a temporary location outside of %ZENWORKS_HOME% or any other ZENworks directories, or to the desktop) except for the "zenworks-agentaddon" directory.  Do not move the *.war files that have these same names. Take care to not move the "zenworks" directory as well.
  4. Once these directories have been moved, start the services again (run 'novell-zenworks-configure -c Start' again and choose the option to restart).  Once the services are started again the error message should no longer appear.