Can't change Upload Limits for Vibe

  • 7010233
  • 29-Feb-2012
  • 27-Apr-2012


Novell Vibe OnPrem 3


User followed the tips listed in to change local workstation Java settings to increase file upload size for the Java App upload utility(Drag and Drop files to upload).  However, after changing the local machine settings, uploads still seemed to be not be working correctly. 


Though Novell believes Java is responsible size control of the uploads, further investigation has shown that we adding an additional parameter to the Java Applet Streaming Mode, should yield more reliable and less flaky large uploads.  This change should be available in Vibe On Prem 3.3.0.  Current version available is 3.2.0.


The client side Java applet is not consistent in it's workings.

Additional Information

A partial duplication has been seen by Novell.  Adjusting the Java settings has not give the consistent results that should be expected.  Novell has determined that Java is responsible for the size control of the uploads, and something that Novell Vibe has no control over.  If the Java application is not allowing desired upload sizes, please use the "Add Entry" option to use the browse feature as this allows for much large uploads by default, or continue to increase the maximum size of the uploads in the properties of the Java Console on the client workstation.

There are three ways to upload files and control their limits in Vibe: