AE07 error on Archive Agent or Messenging Agent

  • 7010134
  • 22-Jun-2012
  • 22-Jun-2012


Novell Messenger 2.1
Direct Mode for Messenger Authentication


User attempting to seach archive and gets the following error: "The server has experienced a directory error.  For more information, contact your system administrator".
In the "ArchiveAgent, administrator sees the following message: "APL Login failed [0xAE07] : <userID> - DDC: Could not create or duplicate a directory context."


If customers are encountering errors using direct mode, Novell recommends switching to LDAP as the code used by the servers is much more up-to-date.

Additional Information

Occasionally there was seen a connection lost error from the directory and Messenger wasn't re-establishing the connection properly. Builds after that fix (direct mode) should reconnect better on lost context errors.  However, Novell still recommends to use LDAP, as Development will have more control over those APIs.

The DDC code used in direct mode is an unsupport API and is dated 2003 or so.