ndstrace causes ndsd to hang when left running from a terminated putty session

  • 7010099
  • 02-Feb-2012
  • 29-Nov-2012


Linux 64 bit


A terminal session (or putty session) running ndstrace was closed with ndstrace left running
On another terminal session run the command: ndstrace -c modules |grep dstrace
If dstrace is running it will return: dstrace Running

Monitor ndsd memory and watch it grow until the server runs out of virtual
memory and the server hangs.  The only way to resolve this is to restart ndsd.

The module dstrace can not be unloaded with ndstrace -u dstrace or ndstrace -c "unload dstrace" 
loading ndstrace for a second terminal reports "Module dstrace already loaded"


Reported to Engineering