TSAFSGW No Longer Ships With GroupWise 2012

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  • 01-Feb-2012
  • 10-Sep-2012


Novell GroupWise 2012


GroupWise 2012 no longer ships the TSAFSGW


TSAFSGW is no longer being actively developed by GroupWise Development.  There have been many fixes to TSAFS which are available directly with OES2SP3.  The recommendation is for customers to upgrade to OES2SP3 and run TSAFS using the ENABLEGW switch.  Development and support for TSAFS in this case is active and ongoing.
Support is still available to customers still using TSAFSGW through Novell Technical Services.  It is recommended, however, that existing customers should upgrade their OS so that they can use TSAFS and get the bug fixes therein.

If there are issues experienced with TSAFSGW, customers will be encouraged to upgrade their OS to allow them to use the TSAFS instead of the TSAFSGW.

Additional Information

The supported versions of Novell Open Enterprise Server (OES) provide TSAFS, which is the preferred backup approach moving forward. For more information, see "GroupWise Backup" in the Storage Management Services Administration Guide for your version of OES.
Additionally:  A soft link still exists to libtsafsgw.so in the /opt/novell/lib directory.  This has been reported to engineering.