Problems with WebAccess after upgrade from OES2 to OES11.

  • 7010089
  • 01-Feb-2012
  • 14-Mar-2014


Novell GroupWise 2012
Novell Open Enterprise Server 11 (OES 11) Linux


After upgrading an existing OES2 server into OES11 and then installing or upgrading GroupWise system in GW2012 version. When trying to configure WebAccess, an error is generated:
"The JAVA_HOME environment variable is not pointing to the version of Java that is recommended for GroupWise (java-1_6_0-ibm). Set the JAVA_HOME environment variable to the full path to the required Java version...".
If you ignore the error message and want to test installed WebAccess later, you get you get following logging error:
"[9505] Your post office is unavailable. The Post Office Agent might not be configured for SOAP. Please contact your administrator."


The OES2 system has the JAVA_HOME environmental variable pointing into /usr/lib64/jvm/java. The OES11 comes with the path /usr/lib64/jvm/jre. You will need to change your JAVA_HOME variable from java into jre directory and restart java (tomcat), i.e. example:

export JAVA_HOME=/usr/lib64/jvm/jre

NOTE:  The export of the variable is only good for the terminal session that it was exported in.  If a second terminal window is opened, it will not honor the JAVA_HOME variable set in the other terminal window.  In order to make sure that the setting applies to all users and windows, add the option to the /etc/profile.local file.