ndsconfig failed to configure and start eDirectory, ndsconfig return value = 101

  • 7010082
  • 31-Jan-2012
  • 30-Apr-2012


Novell eDirectory 8.8 for Linux


Using ndsconfig to install eDirectory on a SLES 10 SPx server, the appropriate entries are used in which to install eDirectory but it fails to install.  All details are correctly supplied but it seems to not be able to find the tree for some reason and results in the following error:
ndsconfig return value = 101.  This error indicates that the tree is unreachable when using the tree name. 


When installing eDirectory and the tree name is unable to be resolved through ndsconfig use the IP Address of a server which holds a copy of the Root partition in the tree.  This will allow ndsconfig to successfully install and configure eDirectory on this server. 

**Note:  For other related issues involved in installing and configuring eDirectory with ndsconfig, please refer to KB 7004040.