Connecting to Windows Shares from XP over NAM SSLVPN

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  • 27-Jan-2012
  • 28-Sep-2012


Novell Access Manager
Novell Access Manager 3.1 SSLVPN Client


Cannot connect to Windows Shares over NAM SSL VPN services enterprise mode connection from a remote Windows XP workstation to a Windows Share located on the corporate site.
Note: Windows 7 workstations works fine.  Port 445 is only used by Windows 7.


Windows XP uses port 139 by default, but it can be made to use port 445.

Force communications over port 445, instead of the standard port of 139 on Windows XP on the Network Connection.
From the Windows XP box on the client side of SSLVPN, do the following...

Click Start, point to Settings, and then click Network and Dial-up Connection.
Right-click Local Area Connection, and then click Properties.
Click Internet Protocol (TCP/IP), and then click Properties.
Click Advanced.
Click the WINS tab, and then click Disable NetBIOS over TCP/IP.

Additional Information

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Since Windows XP has been an unsupported product since 2009, This will not be taken to NAM developers and won't be considered for a NAM fix, but use the workaround provided by Microsoft.