Monitor tool does not list users and devices.

  • 7010052
  • 24-Jan-2012
  • 10-Dec-2013


Novell Data Synchronizer Mobility Pack


When you login in webadmin tool of the Datasync server and click on a monitor tool (icon) of the mobility connector you get a page displayed that complains about the connector possibly not running correctly.
It was working before and the monitor tool listed all users, their status and associated mobile devices.
It can sometimes happen after upgrade of the Datasync server by a newer build.


A possible reason behind this problem is on the PSQL database site. One of the mobility database tables that holds device images grew a way too much therefore when the monitor tool requests data from the table, it takes much longer time. The tool then due to this time out interval errors out with a complain that the possibly the connector is not running.
You can try to get over this problem by following TID 7009453 How to run manual maintenance on Datasync and Mobility databases.
This describes how to vacuum the mobility database and how to re-index it. If your database is rather big, this can take some time. Furthermore, when you click on the monitor tool for the first time after this procedure, it can take longer time to build the page - therefore a response from the server can be slower.