Users with insufficient access rights permitted to delete file versions in Vibe

  • 7010041
  • 20-Jan-2012
  • 27-Apr-2012


Novell Vibe 3.x


Users in Novell Vibe with view rights to an entry with one or more file attachments may be able to delete previous versions of the file under the File Versions tab.


A fix is available as part of the Novell Vibe 3.2 Hot Patch 2. Download and apply the Novell Vibe 3.2 Hot Patch 2 from the Novell Download Site (instructions provided with the patch).

Note: This patch is provided as a complete Novell Vibe 3.2 installer and can be used for a new Novell Vibe 3.2 installation as well as for updating an existing Vibe 3.x or a Teaming 2.x installation.

If you need help or have questions about this Hot Patch, please contact Novell Technical Support.

Additional Information

With the patch applied, only users who have the access rights to delete the file attachment(s) will be permitted to delete previous versions of that file.